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Calendar of Events Up to the Present

2014 -- In December, integrating all of the sites, blogs, and personal pages of my network. This harmonizing of style will continue up to the spring of 2015.

2013 -- Rehearsals began January 9th at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta for a special production of Noel Coward's one act play, Still Life, which became the classic 1945 film Brief Encounter starring Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson, as Alec and Laura, who met in the railway station restaurant at Milford Junction. The play, to be done with enacted movement and music telling the whole story instead of written text, will be performed after three weeks of rehearsal.

2011-2012 – New website software installed for use in rebuilding this entire website. Links also in place for working interaction with my two groups at LibraryThing.com (Seven gateways into the world and The human realm: experiencing . . . which, when completed, will also be directly connected to external websites with the same name at Yahoo.com). On September 5, 2012, all my personal online sites were brought together and made into a single, working network.

Fall & Winter of 2009, and Spring of 2010 – New sitebuilding software installed, with an eye to upgrading the website and completely refashioning it. This process is immense, ongoing, and should be finished around the end of 2010. (During the summer or is period

Spring & Summer of 2009 – Several business trips to NC, SC, TN, and FL. Rebuilding the site with totally different software, which will then be linked to two additional work-related sites online.

Winter of 2008 – Website migrated back to Authors Guild for complete rebuilding.

March 7-10, 2008 – My website at members' websites at the Authors Guild posted online. Tweaking of the upgraded features and formats with much new material added to the site.

December, 2007 -- through February, 2008 -- Undertaking a complete remodeling of website in the upgrade at the Authors Guild, with sites to open online around March.

Friday, November 30 through Sunday, December 2, 2007 -- Workshop: "The Stuff Of A Lifetime: Experiencing Self, Sense, Soul And Spirit In Our Lives" at Trinity Presbyterian Church, 900 Blythe Street, Hendersonville, NC.

November 7, 2007 (ongoing) -- Upgrade of personal website begun at Authors Guild (continuing until the beta testing is completed).

Spring, Summer, and Fall of 2007 -- Promotional work in GA, SC, NC, and FL. New websites to come at yahoo.com (lifetimexperiences.com, lifetimexperiences.org, lifetimexperiences.net) in March, 2008, with thehumanrealm.com and thehumanrealm.org to follow later in the spring.

January - February, 2007 -- Extensive renovation of the Authors Guild site.

October-November-December (2006) -- Business trips to venues in the Carolinas, Tennessee, Florida, and Georgia.

Sunday, June 18 (2006) -- 42nd Annual Georgia Author of the Year Awards at the Robert Ferst Center for the Arts at Georgia Tech University in Atlanta, Georgia. Saturday, May 6 (2006)

Speaking at the 10th Annual Spring Festival of Workshops held by the Georgia Writers Association, at Smyrna Community Center (in metro Atlanta). Gene's 4:00 p.m. workshop session: "Things To Keep Your Living Alive While Writing."

The Stuff of a Lifetime placed in nomination for Georgia Writers Association's Author of the Year Award (2005) in the category of Creative Nonfiction (Self-Help Division).

January (2006) -- She Stoops To Conquer at Theatre Emory in Atlanta (rehearsals begin January 17, and the show runs February 16-26).

October-November-December, (2005) -- Rehearsals begin for The 1940's Radio Hour at Theatre In The Square, Marietta, GA (show opens Nov. 15, runs through New Year's Eve, 2005).

September-October (2005) -- iUniverse press release, "samplers" for Soulquest workshops, media interviews, speaking engagements, and the customary book-related activities in scattered locations.

Fall (2005) -- Panel judge for the Carrie McCray Literary Awards of the South Carolina Writers Workshop 2005 Annual Conference (www.scwriters.com).

June 24-26 (2005) -- Soulquest workshop in Rome, Georgia.

May 21 (2005) -- Speaker at Georgia Writers Association's annual Spring Festival of Workshops, Smyrna Community Center, Smyrna, GA (metro Atlanta). March-April (2005)

January-February (2005) -- Completing work for release of The Stuff of a Lifetime scheduled in the coming summer. January-February (2005)

Rehearsing for two productions at Theatre Emory in Atlanta -- (to be performed Saturday, February 26, 2005 at 7:30 PM, and the second on Sunday, February 27, 2005 at 7:30 PM ).January 2, and January 9 (2005)

Speaking sessions at All Saints Episcopal Church in Atlanta.

November 17- December 31 (2004) (New Years Eve) -- Performing in The 1940's Radio Hour, at Theatre In The Square in Marietta, GA.

* * *